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Resources for facilitators

What is a facilitator?

A facilitator is a person that is not necessarily an expert on a specific issue (though can be), but an expert on process. A facilitator is trained in communication (verbal and non-verbal), working with people, working with resistance, group dynamics, effective meetings, decision-making, workshop-design and implementation, and last but not least, in dealing with crises. A facilitator's speciality is, literally translated from Latin, "to make things work".. . To meet with Zhaba's facilitators, click here.

Why a workshop?

What is a workshop? For us, it is not a lecture or seminar. It is an opportunity to learn from each other in a structured way, and work together for a change. We begin with concrete problems, design a process, and work towards realistic and realizable solutions. Nobody will be talking at you and telling you what to do. We talk with each other, within a process, and create our own tools for change. To enable everybody to participate, we work in the local language and have local NGO members as facilitators. Click here for examples of workshops.

On these pages, you can find...

We encourage NGOs to use these materials. Most materials on these pages are available in HTML format, as well as Word, Acrobat, or Open Office.

Creative Commons License
All our own works on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

To apply for other permissions, send an e-mail to zhaba@ecn.cz.

Want to become a facilitator yourself?

Also, if you and your organisation are planning activities, why not ask a Zhaba facilitator "to make things easier"? Facilitation is an art that can be learned. Want to know how? Click here for more information.

Your organisation will benefit by having trained "in-house" facilitators, a solid human capital. From the day they are trained, organising your activities becomes much easier, since your own facilitators know how to plan, how to hold effective meetings, how to get things done. Zhaba facilitators can tell you convincing examples. Or take a look yourself by clicking here.

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