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Welcome to Zhaba

We are a collective helping people be more effective in their actions for nature and environment, social justice, and democracy. We mainly work with citizen initiatives and grassroots organisations.

As facilitators, we promote creativity and effectiveness in projects, campaigns, organisations. Our focus is on process: how to make meetings, discussions, and workplaces work, and be fun as well. How can you organise yourself better.

On our website, you can...

The Zhaba facilitators collective: facilitation to make your NGO work!

Recent projects

  • Facilitation training, March 2007, Sarajevo (Nataša Milenkovic, Teodora Borghoff)
  • APC Online Advocacy workshop, October 2005, Varna, Bulgaria (Rolf Kleef)
  • World Carfree Network Annual General Meeting 2005, July 2005, University of Technology and Economics (BME), Budapest, Hungary (Daniel Swartz)
  • Consultation on Roma Advocacy Campaign on Urban Planning and Illegal Settlements in Bulgaria, March 2005, Budapest, Hungary (Daniel Swartz, Jan Haverkamp)
  • Facilitating 3 workshops, February 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Marjolijn Sondorp)
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